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González Frau house
Built in Ponce in 1910 by engineer Blas Silva Boucher and master builder Elías Concepción, the residence was a wedding gift from Asisclo Subirá y Ramírez and María Echevarría y Alvarado for their daughter, Concepción Subirá Echevarría, and her husband, Manuel Frau de la Sierra. The house has always been used as a family residence and has been home to three generations of this family.

The residence is considered one of Blas Silva Boucher’s best works. Its neo-classical style construction was done in masonry and wood. The house has a living room, dining room, gallery, open-air terrace, five main bedrooms, two bathrooms (one Roman style), kitchen, pantry, two servants quarters and a servants bathroom. It also has a balcony in three sections with an area extending from the center. It is one of the largest balconies on the island. On each side of the balcony are opposing symmetrical stairways that accent the prominence of the residence. The floors are made of black and white marble tiles. The balcony is supported by four Corinthian columns with capitals and surrounded by amphora-shaped balusters. It has a beautiful round stained glass window in the bathroom which was imported in sections from Barcelona, Spain.

The private residence is located at 107 Reina Street in Ponce. and is owned by William González and his three sons through his marriage with Mercedes Frau Subirá, daughter of the original owners, Concepción Subirá and Manuel Frau de la Sierra.

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