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Municipality Goverment

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Charco azul
Honorable Norberto Soto Figueroa

Places of Interest

• Old towntown, founding: A group of vecinos that wanted to found a town had to grant a power of attorney to one or more other vecinos to represent them before the governor and viceroy. This person could authorize the founding of the town and the establishment of a parish. The grantors of the power of attorney had to be a majority in the given territory and more than ten in number. Once the case had been made, the governor appointed a capitán poblador or settlement official to represent the vecinos and one or more delegates, who usually lived in nearby cabildos vecinos to receive the necessary documentation. Proof was required that the settlement was so far from a church that it was very difficult for the settlers to partake of sacraments and municipal services. In general, proof was provided of the absence or bad condition of roads and bridges. If the petition was approved, it was required that the vecinos mark off the new municipality and build public works such as a church, a parish house, a government house (Casa del Rey), a slaughterhouse, and a cemetery, and to set aside land for the town square or plaza and the commons (ejidos). The vecinos were expected to cover the cost of building these works by levying special assessments. Usually one of the land owners donated some land for the founding. Once the requirements had been met, the governor authorized the founding of the town and the parish, and he appointed a Lieutenant at War who usually was the same capitán poblador. square
• Charco Azul recreational area
• Carite State Forest
• Pterocarpus Forest
• Jungle houses
• Los Tres Chorros pond
• Bicentennial Fountain
• San Isidro Plantation
• Patillas Lake
• Patriots' Promenade
• Escondida Beach (Fishermen's Hamlet)
• Guardarraya Beach
• Mamanico Square
• Mayors' Square

Illustrious Citizens

Sigfredo Badillo-Rivero - poet and reciter

Francisco Cervoni-Gely – poet, playwright, journalist, and political figure. He was a delegate to the House for Guayama (1911 – 1912). His plays include Los suegros (1897) and La cruz roja (1928). His poetry was published in newspapers and magazines.

José Dávila Ricci – political figure and journalist. Dávila was a member of the governing board of the Liberal Party (1932 – 1940). He also founded and presided the Puerto Rico Journalism Association (1938). He collaborated with newspapers such as El Mundo and El Universal, and headed La Democracia (1928 – 1932), Puerto Rico Ilustrado (1937 – 1938) and El Imparcial.

Edmundo Disdier - musician and composer. His compositions include Amor soñado, Lo imposible and Reflejo.

Ramón Lebrón-Rodríguez – writer. His works include Esbozo histórico del Derecho Penal (1916) and La vida de un prócer (1954), among others.

Angelita Lind – outstanding athlete. Named the Angel of Puerto Rico by the people of the Island. Winner of three gold medals, 3 silver medals and 1 bronze medal, she participated in 3 Central American and Caribbean Games, 3 Pan American Games and the Olympics in Los Angeles, California.

Jalil Sued-Badillo – historian and teacher.

Emerald of the South Carnival – May
Patron Saint's Festival - August
Southeast Marathon – November
Wheat Flour Festival - December
Christmas Parade - December

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